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Welcome to Lawn Nerds!


      We are a family owned lawn maintenance and landscaping company located in Royse City, TX. We service the cities of Royse City and Fate. Some of the neighborhoods we serve are Hidden Creek, Stone River, Sunrise Meadows, WoodCreek, Spring Meadow, Woodland Creek, Union Square, Verandah, Meadows of Morgan Creek, Frost Farm, Parkside Village and many more. We would love to add you to our list of happy clients!

     We're Thrilled you're considering Lawn Nerds to take care of your home. I'd like to tell you why we're different than anyone else you might consider for your lawn maintenance needs. 

     We guarantee our work. When we say your satisfaction is guaranteed, we mean it. We are aware that companies throw that phrase around all the time, it becomes diluted and means nothing. However, we guarantee that if you are unhappy with your services we will come back to your property, in most cases, the very same day and we will not leave until you are satisfied with the job we have done for you. If after that point you are still not satisfied....your service will be free. When we say we want 100% satisfied clients - WE MEAN IT!

     We are going to show up to your property in professional uniforms. We're going to use professional lawn equipment. We are going to weed eat around every fence, shrub, light post, and anywhere else our mowers will not reach. Your property will be edged with a metal blade edger every service. We're going to clean up all grass clippings and blow all the concrete and hard surfaces clean. When we're finished the crew supervisor is going to go through our checklist to ensure that the quality was absolutely thorough. The last item on the check list reads...

     "Is the client's gate locked or secured?" initial yes.

     We're going to be consistent in our service schedule to your property. If we mow your yard on Tuesday, then your yard is going to be mowed weekly/biweekly on Tuesdays. 

     If there is ever a need to change your service schedule, you will receive a text alert update. Our communication is going to be excellent. When you call us, we're going to answer our phone. We're easy to get ahold of and easy to work with. 

     Many of your neighbors already use our company, and they are thrilled with our work. Maybe it's because we do a great job cutting grass. Maybe it's because we do a great job in proactively communicating with our clients.  Or maybe it's because we're just nice, ordinary people conducting our business in a friendly way. Whatever the reason, there's no denying our clients love us. 

     Lawn Nerds is not going anywhere. We constantly receive calls from frustrated home owners because their last lawn company has disappeared or they are no longer able to get ahold of them. Lawn Nerds will never disappear on you. We invest heavily in our local community. Lawn Nerds is committed to Royse City, and we're committed to you!

     God Bless.

     -Michael and Jamie Menges, Owners

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